March 17, 2009

Friends for Life

© Emma Lopez 2009 all rights reserved
What can I say about the women who at first glance appears to be as harmless as a butterfly, but once known you realize that beating inside of her lies one of the biggest, strongest, fearless but yet caring and nourishing heart you will ever encounter. Although the time spent in the presence of one another was brief, the friendship and bond we developed together is and always will be everlasting. I will forever treasure all of the conversations, laughs, and tears and hold them in the warmest place of my heart. Being deployed and away from my loving wife who at the time was with child, was one of the most difficult journeys of my life. Natalie's warming grace strengthened me and helped tame the beast within my very soul. I am so very proud and blessed to have had her as a friend, a comforter, a source of inspiration and above all else, as my sister.
I love you sis!
Your Bro,