October 25, 2009

Mothers, Wives and Love Ones,

© Emma Lopez 2009 all rights reserved
Our soldiers are deployed to countries all over the world. Without the presence of us as a family, and friends, a soldier can become lonely and feel detached from the people and places they once knew so well. It can be both frightening and boring. Many times letters and care packages from home are the very things that keep a soldier’s spirits up. Correspondence from home not only gives the soldier something to look forward to but it also helps him/her to feel connected to their home. More importantly, letters of support and thanks help a soldier to feel valued and appreciated for the sacrifices they make. Many soldiers do not have a lot of family back home to send letters and packages. Writing letters to a soldier is a great opportunity to become active in giving back. Never forget them. Never lose touch with them, support them in all they do. Some of us may not support the war but we must support our love ones at war.
I, a mother of a soldier, understand now why Basic training is mentally and physically challenging. It prepares our soldiers for what is ahead of them. Be proud of them. Thank them, be there for them.

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