November 5, 2009

"Eyes of the World"

Guest Blogger
Written By:April Pohren,
© Emma Lopez 2009 all rights reserved

Take a close look at the world around us. A world that knows hate, anger, greed and the desire for more. Step back from that world. Step into your heart, into your soul. Look within the eyes of the innocent youth, the suffering and shunned. This is our world to nurture and take within the gentle palms of our hands to cradle and care for, not to destroy. Every being is part of this life, this world. Not a small part, but a vital part of a whole.

With that being said, I feel that during this month of Thanksgiving, each of us should take a step back, look within ourselves and strive to be a better person, in at least one way or another. Be thankful for the greatness around us, even through hard times and upset, there are always things to be thankful for, someone to treasure and cherish. Each and every day should be a time to give thanks, to give of yourself. A smile and a kind word are often times worth all the riches in the world. The simple things in life are often the most memorable and life-altering.

Recently I caught the new Brad Paisley video for “Welcome to the Future” and was touched beyond words. Have you ever read, heard or seen something that just left you trembling and overwhelmed? This is what happened as I watched this video. The words in the first paragraph of this is what shot through my mind as I watched the mini movie. Often people get so caught up in their own lives, the hectic comings and goings, the making of more money, looking out for themselves, that the true meaning of life can get lost in the shuffle. There are so many deserving people out there that just need a little help, a friend, someone that is willing to listen. I have always been what you would call naïve, thinking that everyone has goodness within them (okay, I know there is evil out there, but for the most part…). You never know when just a smile will light up someone’s day and bring a spark of happiness. Strangers that you meet, friends, family, cashiers, workers, everyone deserves the time it takes for a small kind word or smile. Everyone can afford these treasures.

I am, personally, thankful for each and every person who has entered my life, is in my life now and for those who are to enter my life in the future. Each and every person makes up the building blocks to our lives and our world, no matter if it’s a pebble or a brick. Without them, things would be different in some small, or perhaps large, way. So always keep in mind that your actions may help to build up someone’s world, or create a chink that may lead to a bit of a crumbling. Yes, I know, let’s add a bit of pressure to our already stressful lives. It is so important that we each realize the powerful impact that we have on one another and to take charge of that and use it for good.

If each of us puts kindness forth, imagine stepping back and looking upon the world. Look within the eyes of those people full of hope, where hope was only an ember about to burn out. Look within the eyes of the innocent who are able to continue to remain innocent, knowing that there is goodness and kindness. Look upon those once shunned, who now know the joy of belonging. Look within your heart, knowing that you have made a difference with your small acts that are huge in scale to another person. Be thankful for every breath you take, it is a priceless gift. Feel the gift of knowing you have shared a bit of yourself to brighten another’s life, as it blankets you in a priceless warmth. Remember to always be thankful, even the things that seem small are huge in worthiness.

Written By:
April Pohren,

"Cafe of Dreams"

Brad Paisley video for “Welcome to the Future”

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April said...

Hi Emma! Thanks so much for allowing me to post on your wonderful blog. I love the pictures! Take care and have a great weekend!