February 24, 2010


When the time came for redeployment it felt nothing like the first time. Yes, the same feelings and emotions, being full of joy, I was elated and full of happiness for her. And was again accompanied by those other feelings.
This time I was able to see her off. It must have been 20 degrees that night, very cold. We all stood around as the troops got ready for departure. All the people stood in single file as the troops boarded, we gave all the troops hand shakes, hugs and kisses and said our farewells. I had opened up a banner that I had made my daughter that said “May God Bless you and keep you safe and return you all home safely. We love you!” Then I handed her a bag of all kinds of candies for all.
I was more content and accepted this tour a little more than the first. Maybe it was because I was able to see her off.


Anonymous said...

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Haddock said...

they won't forget the waving that they got.