June 27, 2011

Blinded Leader

Reflection of deceased warriors


written by: Natalie Lopez

I sought out for a potential leader,

So far out, even a seether (potential female),

Over the seas and roughed the sands,

No one in sight, I came back to my home land.

Earned medals upon my chest,

So proud of myself when it comes time to be put to rest.

Selected to accompany my wing commander,

Perhaps there, I’ll find the one they call a leader.

Troops followed me to find this mentor,

Followed me through the dangers,

Without giving me a sarcastic lecture.

Seeking that leader to this day,

Giving up hope, nothing to say.

Where can this leader be,

I look at the mirror and finally see…it is me…

Reflection of deceased warriors said “you finally see”…

Natalie L.


Anonymous said...

Leaders do not just turn up.. They are a piece of clay molded. Molded from experiance, molded from life, molded from death. Leaders need to learn from past mistakes.

Anonymous said...

your the best!
I like your blog
You're really good at words and poetry.
I like how...
I think your not just 320th good MTI but the great person inside out.
You did great on molding young trainees.
God Bless you Sra. Lopez, I learn so much from you. I miss you and the flight.