December 17, 2009

Guide and Protect Them

I ask you,
During these difficult times
Hearts are heavy now, dear God
For WAR is looming there.
Our prayers are calling out to you,
Our thoughts too much to bear.
Be with our loved ones--THEY NEED YOU.
Guide them, lead them, see them through.
Bless our leader, for we know,
He asks Your blessings, and needs them so.
Protect the innocent, shield their lives,
As bombs and missiles streak the skies.
Open our hearts and fill us with grace,
Guard our loved ones in that place of war.
Guard our military soldiers wherever they are,
they need your guidance and your protection.
Bless my daughter that I am so proud of.
grant her the courage,wisdom and strength,
in the career that she has chosen,
This I say, in earnest prayer,
THANK YOU God, Father Almighty,
I know YOU'RE there.

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