December 9, 2009

Mother to Mother

Honor Their Service

Do you love to knit or crochet, and is your family completely outfitted with everything yarn related? Are you looking for a way to indulge your love of all things yarn and needle craft – and give to those who can really appreciate it? We found a great project for you! Hats, scarves and helmet liners for the Troops in Afghanistan and Iraqi.
Right now, there is a push to send hats, scarves and helmet liners to Afghanistan, and Iraq. It’s getting cold there already, Kabul tonight is in the 20s. In the mountains, it’s going to be colder.
There are some rules you need to follow, and these are not suggestions, these are mandatory. First - NO acrylic or rayon or other artificial yarns. It must be 100% wool. Acrylic melts when it burns. When it gets wet, it gets cold and nasty. Wool, even when wet, keeps the body warmth in. I’m told that the Cascade 220 superwash is warm, soft and washable. There are other washable wools too. Second – muted colours. tans, browns, Army green, black, deep maroon if you must, dark blue if you want to send to Airforce.

Scarves – any pattern you want, plainer the better and long enough to go around the neck once and get tucked in. A Gaiter is great too. You know how miserable it is when your neck gets cold! Make an extra one for another soldier.
So, get the needles smoking – let’s get our love ones something warm, something made with care and gratitude.

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Monique said...

Amazing! I wish I knew how to knit.