December 3, 2009

While your son or daughter is at Military Basic Training

At Basic Training your son or daughter will be involved in field drills and classroom training. Recruits learn and practice marksmanship, navigation, and survival skills, as well as leadership training and team building. The pace is fast and personal time is limited.
1. Write often. Encourage other family members and friends to write, too. And keep the tone of your letters upbeat. Your recruit will look forward to receiving mail, especially if he or she is homesick. E-mail will not be available and your son or daughter will not have a cell phone during Basic Training. Recruits spend their free time involved in tasks like uniform preparation, studying, or other types of training. Your son or daughter will need some free time to rest. Don't worry if you do not hear from your son or daughter very frequently. Keep them motivated.
2. Be assured that your young person is safe. Safety is a top priority during Basic Training, and medical care is always available to recruits. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, the Air Force (or correct Branch) will notify the recruit's next of kin.
3. Don't send care packages or treats. Candy, tobacco products, electronic devices, and pornography are prohibited during training. Any food that arrives by mail will be confiscated.
4. Make an effort to attend graduation. Graduations are important, memorable ceremonies. Completing Basic Training is a significant achievement, and you will want to share in the pride your son or daughter feels.

I write as a parent. This includes Spouses,children, siblings, relatives, Love Ones, and etc.

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