January 8, 2010

An American War Dog

I am an American war dog
I obey orders from my brave handler

My job is to find, save, help and comfort
I try to do the best that I can

Being faithful is everything to me
Staying alert, I must always be

When my name is called out
Proudly I stand to serve with love

I so try to do what is asked of me
If I die on duty, please remember

I am an American war dog
And my brave handler is my best friend

God gave me a life to love and give
And to be there when there is need

The time may come for my duty to end
And I will proudly be a K9 Corp Veteran

It will be hard for me to stop serving
I'll want to continue, but know I cannot

Remember those like me who don't go to war
Many have duties that are so very important

I am an American war dog
And I have the best friend in the world

©2009Roger J. Robicheau
Former SP5 US Army

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